Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Stamping! (pic heavy!)

hey everyone! so i've been trying out some new stamping plates i recently got. totally aweeeesome! these are a few stamping experiments, i swear i'll get better!!

 i think i used a Red Angel plate? it was a while ago. my nails have grown a looooot  since. :}

 this is the base fr my next mani. it's packed full of holo and silver glitter. maybe a new franken?

left hand, WnW black used for stamping.

right hand

i messed up a bit, but i think i'm getting better! there's really a TON of holo glitter here!

and a heart inspired mani <3

finally, this mani i did on my aunt. it's very her!

that's it for today! Ohhh and some of my giveaway winners have
FINALLY received their giveaways this week, so if you haven't received yours yet, hold on a little  longer. i'm hoping you all gets yours by this week! yay!

thanks for stopping by!!


  1. These look great!!! Love the one with the hearts the most because it's so girly ;0).

  2. Oh gosh these are gorgeous! I love all the different stamps - I've never done that but I'm going to try that out.

  3. These look so good! Love the first one.

  4. These are great!!! :D I really like the super sparkly ones! :D

  5. Cute! I love the black over holo, it gives a really good dimension.

  6. Am loving the hearts-I used that one as well-these are really awesome! Nice stamping!

  7. I am loving all of these!

  8. I just joined your blog on GFC, and I think I'm your 200th follower! =)

  9. thanks everyone! i hope to do a lot more stamping in the future.

    Tonya you are my 200th!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! thank you for joining! <333333

  10. Very creative nail art. I especially love the hearts one. Great job!

  11. Love the hearts love the hearts loooove the hearts! And the leopard is awesome. Great job!