Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exciting news!

i can't believe my last post was 2 weeks ago! i swear time passes by so quickly. i've been meaning to upload but i keep getting side tracked. Anyways on to good news. i have decided i will be doing my very first giveaway once i reach 20 or so followers. i know that may take a while, but i will be sending emails to some of my favorite blogs in hopes that more people will be able to participate! rules and prizes will be mentioned in a later post. In the meantime here are some NOTD(s)!!

these are my sisters nails. Just a nice clear polish as a base with a black tip and some cute rhinestones. this is such an easy look to do if you just want something simple yet flashy!

 Now, these were inspired by the splatter rave thats been going on for a while. my friends wedding was a while ago and their theme was day of the dead. so i decided to do some red blood spatters on my nails. It was easy and fast to do and matched my outfit :}this was after a few days of wear and tear. the base coat is just a regular nameless white and the red was Cover girl candy apple.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Part 2!

So, here is the other post i mentioned!
This was a great find for me, i got this color at Sally's for $1.99!! how awesome is that?!?!?!

Here is the ever so lovely China Glaze- Blue Paradise
It was actually a little darker looking on my fingers.
Here it is with no flash, and a little bit of sunlight.

See? just not so foil-y looking. still absolutely gorgeous and a must have for any blue lovers, especially if you find it on sale!

Have you ever found a really awesome polish at an unbelievable price?
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I can't believe I haven't posted in so long! I've been doing so many manicures! Onto the pictures!

Here is Sally Hansen- Celeb City. Just a nice frosty silver. More on the whiter side of silver though.

It's so nice to sometimes just have a frosty clean color on!

But, like usual I get bored of things too fast. By the next day of having this on, I added some black shatter from OPI. Still so pretty, especially in person.

I will be posting again in a minute. I just like to have different posts for everything!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Started!

Hello there! anyone?

This is sooo exciting! My very first post! Since I know I usually (sometimes) don't really read what people write I'll get on with the pictures. 
P.S. This will be the first and last time that I capitalize things like the word "I" or "I'll" or the first letter of a sentence. haha. great start!

Here's some NOTD!
This is Essies' Smokin' Hot with OPI black shatter. I forget which blog I stole this awesome look from, but I'm glad I did!(if you know where it might be from, let me know) In real life it's such a dark and classy look. 

And just as a first post extra, here are my mammies nails. I got her to model the bottle!
It's called Aqua (so creative) by Love & Beauty. It's such a nice vintage blue with pretty silver shimmer! Don't worry I didn't accidentally paint her pinky finger, it's frosting! I don't think either of us noticed. WHOOPS.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great day!!!!!! :}