Saturday, August 27, 2011

and the winner is......

i have randomly chosen a winner. to those who didn't win DON'T WORRY. i plan to have more, with more winners and international as well! Now, on to the lucky gal.
this was a good amount of people for my first giveaway!

 WHO COULD IT BE?!?!?!?!?
please excuse my thumb. there is no excuse for it, lol!

yay! it's SARA H. (click it!!!!)

Congratulations Sara, i hope you enjoy your prizes!
Make sure you check out her blog-My life in polish. it's awesome and needs some lovin'.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 5- A blue sandwich!

Reminder! my giveaway ends tomorrow! i'm looking forward to shipping out the prizes to some lucky winner!
so today i have day #5 which is blue. lately the sandwich/embedded/layer trend is going around. it's when you take a jelly polish (or a really sheer one) do 2 coats of it, add some glitter (preferably big glitter) and top it off with another coat of polish. hence the glitters become sandwiched/embedded/layered. it is a very cute look. to avoid having to do all this, because i am so impatient, i just made my own *Blue Sangwich Franken. yes you read that right, it's a sangwich, not a sandwich. let's see some pictures.
here's the pic of the bottle and isn't it the cutest?

it's such a yummy sangwich! this was 3 coats.

it's such a powdery light blue color. i can't stop looking at them!

*sigh* i love it!

what do you guys think about the sandwich trend? good or bad? have you tried layering glitter before?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 4- Green! & some thank yous!

hey everyone! how's your week going so far? i want to address something really quick. this is a personal blog where i share pictures and opinions on nail polish. i know that so many bloggers post almost every single day, but that is something i can't do. i know it's possible for some by making scheduled posts, but when i have the time to write it's just enough to write once. i try to post regularly but i just can't do it everyday. i am online everyday and i always TRY to comment on other blogs and respond to comments or questions i get. so please don't think i will never blog again if i skip a few days. :D
anyways, my giveaway ends this friday, so there is still time to enter! oh and i have 50 followers! whooo hoooo!!! thanks to everyone who follows my blog, and a big thanks to those of you who take the time to read all i have to say! Also i want to give shout outs to a few sweethearts who always have something nice to say on here. Please check out their blogs! (in no particular order)Sandra from MY WORLD, the awesomely talented NAIL NERD, the sweetest girl from I'M FEELING NAIL-VENTUROUS, Jacki from ADVENTURES IN ACETONE, Sarah from POLISH AND GLOSS, and  Olivia C. from LIVY LU LU. i think sometimes people forget how easy it is to say thank you, but i won't! thanks to everyone!

So, let's see some mean, green nails!
the bright green is a franken i made, one coat! and the other green is Orly- It's not rocket science. 3 thin coats.
look at my pillow case! it's from the movie How to train your dragon. it totally matches my nails,lol. i love it!

my camera has been adding a weird shadow to some of my pictures, but here you can see the color of INRS better. I also posted about this color here, you can see the color better. :}

lastly, here is a picture of my hunnies finger! he was trying to mess with my photo taking. 

i just want to publicly say something to my hunnie, after all this is My blog ;}
i love you, and no matter what obstacles come our way i know we will make it through. you can always count on me for support, understanding,love, and most importantly friendship. you are my best friend and always will be! Muah muah muah! <33

do you ever have a "thank you" moment? what's one of your favorite green polishes?

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 3- Yellow!

hey everyone, just a quick reminder that my giveaway ends this friday. eeeeeeee! i'm so excited, are you? i hope so! good luck to everyone, and to those who don't win this time, fear not! i see many more planned in the (near) future :} i just love sharing my love of polish (along with some polish) to those who are sweet enough to read this blog! so today i have China Glaze- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This is a super bright yellow neon.
i think it just might be my favorite neon. my mom says it looked like those neon reflector vests. i'm pretty sure that's not what they're called. lol
neons are pretty hard to capture so imagine this 100x brighter!this was 2 coats over white.
it dried to a satiny/matte finish. yet it was still so shiny!

anyways, i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to NAIL DESIGNS!
i won her awesome giveaway and this baby was one of the prizes! i have so many more China Glaze polishes that i won ready to be swatched. 
CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME! & check out her perfect nails, so jealous!
p.s. could i have said neon anymore in this post? jeez
what's one of your favorite neons? have you won any giveaways?

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 2- Orange. then bad news, then good news.

Hey everyone, today i have for you Wet n Wild- Sunny Side Up, it's an orange creme. it reminds me of an orange and cream soda my hunnie likes to drink. Although i never wear orange, this one was actually really nice. it's not a neon but it's bright in its own way, yet still very subtle. 
this was a pain in the butt to apply, i think it might be just this color or maybe i got a bad one because wet n wild is almost always a pleasure to apply.
so pretty!

anyyywho, i have been really wanting China Glaze- Ick-a-bod-y. i had no desire for it when it first came out, but for the past maybe 2 months i have been trying to find it. i know, i know, i can order it online or buy it from someones blog sale but i am unable to do that because i don't have any kind of card right now. if i really NEED something than my hunnie gets it for me and pretends to let me pay him for it. i'm not talking about polish tho, i haven't ordered any online in a while.
Soooo, i've been trying to hunt it down in any sally's/ulta/salon to no avail.
it's a sad, sad time for me :{ those are the bad news. i have yet to find it.

the good news is that i decided to try and franken it. fail. i don't have any of the big bronzey orange glitter that Ick has. i came pretty close to it, and i can say that i'm happy with this new color. i still really want Ick but until it magically appears in a store, i will not own it. 
it still has a murky green base with glitter, so i'm happy.

do you have a not very hard to find that you just can't seem to find?

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Day 1- Red (Pic. Heavy)

hey everyone. I'm sorry i wasn't around for a few days. it was my hunnies birthday on the 18th and i had no time to blog before or after. my giveaway ends in just 6 days! holy cow! i can't wait to do another one!!! so today i have for you Day # 1 of the nail challenge, and i choose to wear one of my ALL TIME favorite red. i'm not really a red/pink girl, although i'm told they compliment my skin tone nicely, but this red is stunning! it's *Color Club- Ruby Slippers. in the picture is the mini bottle. at first i thought it was a regular red glitter, with a pink toned jelly. so i only got the mini size, no big deal, i have lots of red glitters. when i wore this, i wished i would've gotten at least 2 full size bottles!!! It's amazing! let's see some pictures!

here it is in all its red glory.this was 2 coats. had i done a thicker coat it would've just been 1!
this was in the sunlight.
you really have to click on it to see the small red glitter/shimmer. i think there might be a little bit of silver shimmer in as well, at least it seemed like it in certain angles.
this was indoors, with flash.
the only down part is that since it's such a rich glitter, it was a major top coat eater!
you need either a really thick topcoat (maybe 2 coats) or do what i did. apply a matte top coat and than a coat of your regular. always takes out the grittiness.

here it is matte, still gorgeous!

 i think this was a bit true to color in real life.
dark and seductive, but with enough shimmer/glitter that makes it playful and young.
you can also see small amounts of orange peeking through!

anywaysss, i just adore this color. what's one of your favorite reds?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a challenge for you!

hey everyone, recently one of my friends sent me an email with a fun 30 day nail challenge. i will *try* to stay on course, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it. 
you've probably seen other bloggers joining in on the fun.
i'm excited about day 19 & 29
i invite all of you dear readers to try the 30 day challenge with me!
let me know if you're willing and what day you're most excited about
i'd love to see your work :}

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holo marble what?

hey everyone! today i have for you one of my at the moment favorite(s).OPI- Mermaid's tears from the Pirates collection. when the collection first came out, i thought i would only really want M'sT, but after seeing so many swatches of the whole collection, it's only a matter of time before i have them all. yay! M'sT is a dusty sea foam green (in my opinion). i love wearing it! it's a joy to wear a green color without giving me to much of the ever so lovely lobster hands.
this was 3 coats, but i think i could've done with just 2. the only complaint i have is that no matter what i did i would end up dragging a bit of the polish after applying a coat :{. not much trouble, but very much worth it.
no topcoat. indoors, no flash.

indoors, with flash.still no topcoat.

and because i was in the mood, some marbling fun.
for this i used Color Club- Revvolution, Color Club- Fashion Addict and Color Club- Chelsea Girl.
i used the newer version of Fashion Addict. the holo is not as linear as the old one, but still very pretty.
left hand. click on it so you can see the pretty holo in my ring finger!
right hand. a bit blurry to show the effect

have you tried marbling with holos? what's your favorite color from the Pirates collection?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My nails are on fiiiire!

hey everyone. how was your weekend? i'm hoping it was great :}
today i have for you Color Club- Koo-koo-cachoo (which is one of the polishes i will be giving away, new tho.)
buuuut, before i get to those pictures, i want to post this picture of my sisters nails. 
she had on a weird dead skin tone type color. i think it made her have skeleton hands. i suggested she put some sort of crackle/shatter/anything on it. she agreed and so i decided to add China Glaze Crackle in Concrete. 
i liked it a lot more in real life than how it comes out in the picture.

sooo, i am WARNING you that the next few pictures are blurry. since KKC is a neon, it's extremely hard to accurately capture in pictures. 
this is as close to the true color as i could get it.
this was 3 thin coats over white. easy neon to apply :}
it's more orange than in the pictures. i feel like it shows up a little bit coral in pictures.
OMGG, my nails are on fire!
ok, not really, but doesn't this look awesome?

have you guys ever had a polish that gave you strange looking hands? what do you think of neons?

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Nails!

Hey everyone! i hope you're all doing great, and having a great weekend so far. Today i will be posting what i like to call "party nails". why do i think they're party nails? well because they are sparkly, glittery, and multicolored! let's see some pictures!

this is 2 coats of Love & Beauty- red/black/silver (glitter) on my middle finger (no joke, that's the actual name!) and 2 coats of Love & Beauty- multi (glitter) on the rest.i could've done another coat of each but i liked the sparse look with the white underneath.

i have come to really love this brand. the colors are always so pretty and they try to keep up with nail polish trends, so it's nice to see a current color with a price tag of $2.80. :}

 as per usual i was bored of this look within like 4 hours of having finished, so i added a little sum' sum'.
good ol' shatter, i can always count on him to change my mani up.

i guess that's all for now! what do you consider party nails?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey everyone!! 
just a reminder to check out the giveaway tab at the top of the page for some fun giveaways going on now, and of course don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already. It ends 8/26, so there's plenty of time!
Hope you're all having a great day!

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Mini Haul

Hey everyone! today i have a small,small haul from Ulta. since i moved a couple of months ago Ulta is now just 15 minutes away! yay!!! it wasn't far before, but with traffic it took about 30-40 minutes to get there. :{ anywhoooo, here is Essence-Choose me, OPI- fiercely fiona, and Essence- you belong to me.
i have yet to try choose me, but in the bottle it looks like a close dupe for a couple of colors, nonetheless it's still pretty. You belong to me is such a nice color. it's another one of those sort of bright pastels. lastly, fiercely fiona. i just can't say enough good things about this color. i will be including some picture of it at the end of the post.

here you can see the gold micro glitters in Choose me
when i first saw the OPI shrek collection, i thought i really only wanted to get who the shrek are you? and ogre the top blue, and i did get them. i loove those colors. lately i've been feeling like i want the whole collection, especially what's with the cattitude. so i saw fiercely fiona on sale and i snatched it up. 
i am so glad i did! i usually don't like to many yellows because they tend to make my hands look weird. since this has a bit of green to it, just a smidge, it't perfect for me! i wore this for 3 days! that is a looong time for me. everytime i looked at my nails i couldn't help but feel giddy inside :}
this was 3 coats, but i kinda liked how it looked with 2. a bit uneven at first, but everything evened out by the last coat.
this is a bit more color accurate, you can see the small amount of green pop.

overall i am ecstatic about my small haul. do you have any color from the shrek collection? what's your favorite yellow?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pink and pretty!

hey everyone. i know so many bloggers join in on the pink wednesday post, but i don't own to many pinks. it's just not a great color on me :{ ok lie, i own a FEW, most are "french" pinks though. very sheer and light. today i have for you a pink that is an ABSOLUTE must own. it's so dainty, and best of all, HOLOGRAPHIC.
let's see some pics!

this was outside on a somewhat cloudy day.

 look at that bottle. i just want to bathe in it.

can you say yummy?

this was 3 thin coats of OPI-DS Signature. NO TOPCOAT!! i'm sure most(if not all) of you know by now but most of the times topcoats dilute the prismatic effect :{ this was so creamy to apply.

Do you own any holographic polishes, which one is your favorite?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

mixing, not matching

Hey everyone! how are you all today? good i hope. 
as a continued theme from my last post i have some more mix and matching, more mixing,less matching.
            Here we have Essie-Sugar daddy on my thumb, pinky and index. this was 3 coats. on my middle finger i have Orly-it's not rocket science. this was 3 coats as well, but you can save yourself a coat if you layer it over a black or green polish. and on my ring finger is Hard Candy-beetle. this was 2 coats layered over a purple. Beetle is also a pretty good dupe for Orly's space cadet. this was so fun to look at in real life!

look at Orly-INRS, all that pretty green and gold can also see the dominant purple in Beetle.

look at the copper/green duo chrome! gooorgeous!

what do you think about using completely different colors on your nails? good or bad?
p.s. don't forget to enter my contest here and check out the prizes here.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mix and match blues!

Hey everyone! I feel like i'm finally not crazy since i now have some followers to talk to! lol.
anyways, one of my favorite things to do when i paint my nails is mix and match a color. well, sometimes they match! for todays post i used a couple of blue for my NOTD. have a look :}
                              this is OPI ski teal we drop on my pinky, index, and thumb. it was fairly easy to apply, depending on how thick/thin you apply it you might only need 2 coats. Color Club factory girl on my ring finger. this was a pain in the rear to apply. it was very streaky, took 3 coats to apply but the pay off is so great. it's one of those "hey look at me! i'm bright but kinda pastel at the same time." love it. lastly is OPI simmer and shimmer on my middle finger(duh). *drool* who doesn't like a glitter? this was 3 thin coats.

and this is my left hand, i like to do them differently just to make it more fun.

Close up!
Do you ever mix and match your polishes? what's one of your fave color combos?

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