Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Contest Winners!

Hey everyone! I have finally chosen the winners! well, my hunnie helped out a lot too.

For the purple color we choose  PurpleNerple by Analee (LOL!!)
For the pink we choose Las Vegas Watermelon by Karen D. (perfect description!)
and lastly for the yellow we choose Are You Yellow-ous? by Vickie (Cuuuute!)

blogger is kinda bugging out on me and i can't see any of my followers, so if you're one of the winners please leave a link to your page in the comments so i can post them here, puh-leaaaaase :}

There were sooooo many great names and it was so hard to choose that i think i'll send some bottles to the runner-ups as well.
Please don't feel bad if you didn't get chosen, i swear ALL of the entries were awesome! It was VERY VERY hard to narrow it down.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Contest Closed! Please read for a SURPRISEEE!

Hey everyone! Sorry i've been m.i.a for a while. i've been on/off sick for the past week or so. i never know when it's going to be an "on" day. lol anywhooooo. according to my clock it's 10:26 which means that technically the contest shouldn't end for another hour and a half, but i doubt anyone will enter that late! but i won't discount anyone who does, since the winner will be chosen tomorrow and announced on wednesday!  I've been meaning to post up lots of stuff, but my hunnies has all my "blog" pictures in his computer and he's all the way in Canada. so until he comes back (tomorrow, yay!) i won't have any pictures.

except here's a picture of him! doing what he does best, playing "nazi zombies"
p.s. this picture also includes pieces of some of my fave things. try to find them! my dog,my bird(cage only) and my polishes! :D the only hard thing to kinda see is my doggie.

oh maaan, how i miss that nose. i bet it's full of icicles in Canada, lol.

Oh SUUUURPRISE! i don't think i mentioned this in the giveaway form (or else it won't be a good surprise) but i will be including a bottle of the "blue sangwich" along with the other frankens.
 wheeeeeeee! this too can be yours, lol!

i'm thinking about maybe selling some of my frankens on like a blog sale or something? i enjoy making frankens and i always write down my recipes in case i want to make more. i really love wearing my own creations, but try not to post to many pics of them since it's not like you can go to the store and pick one up.

would you guys be interested in buying some? and what would be a reasonable price for a standard sized bottle? please let me know what you think!

thanks to everyone who entered the contest. there are soooooo many fun names, it's going to be really hard to pick just one name for each color! lolol!

thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 19, 2011

i need your help! ( CONTEST!!)-closed-

Over the past few days i have been busy creating some frankens! and i want to know what you think of them, not just picture wise! i want to give some luck winner(s) a chance to try out these puppies and let me know what they think! just fill out the questions below!


                                                           a better picture of the thumb color :}

Thursday, September 15, 2011

my little nails!

hey everyone! i recently cut down my nails because they were getting to that point that everything seemed to hit/pull them. anywhooooo, i love having shorter nails much more than longer ones, but sometimes colors look better with a certain length. (in my opinion) Today i have a color that looks absolutely gorgeous with small nails (and longer nails too!) its China Glaze- Secret Peri-wink-le. it's sooo pretty!
  these pictures are a bit horrendous as it would always show up very blue!
it has a drop more of purple in real life!

this was 3 very thin i see it could've used one more coat.
what a streakfest! lol

annnnnd then i tried some half moons.
please don't laugh at my attempt, i swear it looked good in person! lolol!
this is China Glaze- Electra Magenta, pretty holo!

do you guys ever get tired of your current length? have you tried doing a half moon mani? what's a color that you only wear with short/long nails?

thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spam!!!! (pic heavy!)

hey everyone. so i know i've been very MIA lately. sorry. unfortunately, i think i will have to put the 31 day challenge on hold. maybe i'll just restart it another time? i won't have any time to do some of the days and i don't want to keep this blog on hiatus just because of that. anyway, to thank you for your patience with me, i give you some nail porn! these are a few manies i've been rocking recently. enjoy!!!

 this was 2 coats of OPI- got a date to-knight and one coat of Wet n Wild- sparked. the pinkie has an extra coat of OPI on.

this was my hunnies birthday mani, can you tell what his favorite colors are? lol!
please excuse the wear and tear. this was taken a few days afterwards.
left hand

right hand :}

this was an ELF skittle! these are from a set i got at Ross. hopefully i'll be doing full manis with a few of these colors soon!

last, but definitely not least one of my all time favorites (if not favorite!) polishes Zoya- Ivanka
i think this has to be the prettiest color i've worn all year! it made my nails look so slim and long! lol.

is there a color you would like to see more of? what do you think of posts with lots of pictures?

thanks for stopping by!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Back

hey everyone! i was soooo crazy busy last week x2 i didn't have any time to let everyone know that i was going away with my in-laws for the long weekend. i'm back! i'm back! i'm back! i will hopefully start my regular posting by tomorrow. i almost have 80 followers! i'm thinking of a big giveaway once i reach 100. i'm not sure yet. i definitely know the next one will be international! i feel terrible for not being around, and worse for shipping out my giveaway prizes like 3 days late. make sure to check out Sara, from MY LIFE IN POLISH. she is so understanding and sweet! annnnnnd i recently won a totally awesome giveaway!make sure you check out I'M FEELING NAIL VENTUROUS totally awesome blog! well i guess that's all for right now so i will be back with some nail pictures tomorrow!

thanks for stopping by!