Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Stamping! (pic heavy!)

hey everyone! so i've been trying out some new stamping plates i recently got. totally aweeeesome! these are a few stamping experiments, i swear i'll get better!!

 i think i used a Red Angel plate? it was a while ago. my nails have grown a looooot  since. :}

 this is the base fr my next mani. it's packed full of holo and silver glitter. maybe a new franken?

left hand, WnW black used for stamping.

right hand

i messed up a bit, but i think i'm getting better! there's really a TON of holo glitter here!

and a heart inspired mani <3

finally, this mani i did on my aunt. it's very her!

that's it for today! Ohhh and some of my giveaway winners have
FINALLY received their giveaways this week, so if you haven't received yours yet, hold on a little  longer. i'm hoping you all gets yours by this week! yay!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Frankens! (Pic Heavy!)

hey everyone, i'm so excited today to show you all some of my new frankens (check out my shop!)! let's just jump right to it :D

this is VOID this one is a shiny black with lots of shimmer!

the shimmer might look purple, but don't be fooled!
this is one thick coat!

this one is AZALEA. the base color consists of red, and the glitters are magenta.
when you mix those together you get an almost hot pink color! 2 coats.

one coat of Azalea over Void.

this beauty is DRUNK AT SEA, lol. i thought the name captured the holo glitter well. lol

one coat of Drunk at Sea over Void.
it's so hard to capture its teal/blue/green beauty! a stunner in real life.

this sparkling star is BAWDY BLUE. a very bawdy color to wear indeed. lol.
it's definitely more true blue in real  life than light blue, 3 coats.

one coat over Void.
as much as i love my new camera, it just didn't want to pick up the real blue on this!

here we have GREEN EYES. i would say it's the perfect shade of green.
a little bit brighter/greener than in most pictures.

one coat over Void.

and my new favoriteeee, FLUTTER HEART.
one coat

two perfect coats <3

you have to click on these to see all it's prettyness!
click here to see all my colors for sale!
what do you guys think? what colors are most excited about?
EDIT* blogger is not letting me do anything on my shop page, so for now just email me with your questions!

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