Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone on here is from Florida. More specifically south FL. I really want to find someone who is completely obsessed with polish. i have some friends who like polish, but i feel like i'm constantly talking about it and i know it must get annoying lol.
i really would like someone to talk to who knows what i'm talking about and cares just as much. & wouldn't mind some dusty hunting!

Also, i wouldn't mind having like a blogging bff.(LOL!!) you're all my friends here, but sometimes i wish i knew someone better to ask them about things. i can be so shy sometimes :{

LOL!! i sound like i'm trying to find my soul mate, but seriously it's hard to find another polish lover here!

Anyways i will try to post up day 5 of the giveaway today but i might be too tired.

I wish everyone good luck and happy holidays!

thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Aw, I hope you find more lacquer lovers in your area! I'm from Canada, but feel free to message me anytime! ^-^ I can be pretty shy too.

  2. Uhhh, I'm sure there are more nail polish lovers in your area and I hope you find them! But you know, there's always "danger" that one of your best friends falls for nail polishes too. ;D If you want to talk or share, you can always contact me too - I'm from Europe, Slovenia. :)

  3. Heeeey you should definitely e-mail me sometime regarding something other than the blog sale! I'm really curious about your love for Finland -- it seems so obscure! Anyway I'll be back there in January so we should keep in touch!