Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vampy nails :}

hey everyone!! i hope this week i'll be able to catch up on all the blog posts i've missed in the past couple of days. UGHH! i feel like i've missed so much. anyway, my hunnies sister is having a vampire party tonight, and here are some vampire nails to join in on the celebration!

this is one coat of Wet n' Wilds black creme, and i used a toothpick to do the lips with a random red, and white for the little fangs.
i think they came out kinda cute! i love how the lips like all weird and not one looks the same!

this was my right hand :}

what do you guys think of these vampy nails? cute or fail? have you done any really awesome halloween looks you want me to see? (leave a link!!!)

thanks for stopping by!!!!!!


  1. I think it looks so perfect! I could never freehand that much detail. Great job!

  2. Pfft, and you say you can't do nail art. This looks GREAT!

  3. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I want to try them out for halloween. You did a great job. Now following you! <3

  4. Looks so cute I love it and I'm amazed you did it with tootpick it came out so good!