Monday, October 17, 2011

purple spiders!

hey everyone! today i have some more halloween type nail art. for this i used China glaze- grape juice and Ulta- tutu cute on my middle finger! Grape juice was 3 coats, a bit sheer and tutu cute was 2 coats. wheeeeeeeee!

if you look at the spiders you can see they have eyeballs! LOLOL!!

here it is with flash :}
don't you just love that ulta color? i do!!

and my little thumb spider. look at those eyes! lol

have you tried some spider art? what do you think of these two colors together?

thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. You always do a great job on your nail art, I love this. x

  2. So cute! I love the eyeballs on the spiders. :)

  3. that lil spider is so cute! and the eyeballs is too cute. hahaha & that ulta purple is very pretty ! :)

  4. love the spiders! wish I could do this.

  5. This looks great!

  6. Such a fun mani! (I'm still catching up from being gone on vacation and only seeing this now.)

  7. grape juice is so pretty and I love your spiders with the eyeballs so cute!