Saturday, November 19, 2011

stone cold fox! (pic heavy)

hey everyone! today i have a polish that has stolen my heart! it's absolutely gorgeous! it's Orly- Stone cold. the one and only complaint i have is that it dries a bit slow. that's not a problem tho if you have a good fast drying topcoat. Either way the outcome is so worth waiting for! have a look~~~

this is the most color accurate picture. it's somewhat dark, but not? idk.

i love how it looks here, in all its blurry goodness <3

this is a picture my hunnie took, doesn't the color look so squishy and yummy?

i've heard it's very simliar to OPi- Swimsuit...nailed it. but i'll have to see for myself :}

have you tried this color? what do you think of it? have you tried OPI swimsuit?

thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I've got this, too. It's great in low lighting and in sunshine - it's just amazing.

  2. I haven't got this, but now it's on my wish list. It's gorgeous!

  3. This is soo pretty!!
    I'm so happy I got Swimsuit.. nailed it.
    I might just get this one just cause I can >_> lol

  4. I have both this and Swimsuit and haven't tried either--I really with I could take like a week off and do nothing but swatch. :)

  5. Hey hun! I'm having a blogsale, feel free to check it out! =)