Thursday, November 17, 2011

too much, too little

hey everyone! once again, there is no excuse for my absence. since i know you don't want to hear the annoying issues of why i've been gone for so long, i'll tell you some great news! in order to keep myself more up to date with my blog and in the spirit of christmas which is just around the corner, i will be having a 12 days of christmas giveaway! i will write more on that in a second.

i will also be having a blog sale on some new frankens i have created, and will also be selling the ones i've mentioned here before. i am trying to cleanse myself before the new year so there will be a lot of my own polishes for sale as well! i hope to have the blog sale up by the beginning of next week. maybe sooner!

the 12 days of christmas giveaway just means that starting on the first of december i will be giving away one nail polish everyday until the 12th. i will post up the rules and all that good stuff by the end of this month. i'm so excited to be doing this and hope whoever wins is happy to receive one more gift to open! there will be many chances to win!

so FINALLY on to todays nail post.

this is Santee- red. such an inspiring name. lol with OPI gold shatter on top

this shade was really bright but more on the pink side. it's kinda awesome!

i think this might be one of the last pictures i took before i cut them again.

anywhoooo stay tuned, i've got lots of great things coming up! 

thanks for stopping by!


  1. have your nails always been naturally beautiful, or did you get them that way using nail hardeners?

  2. aww thank you ana! and i think taking vitamins for nails and stuff helped a lot! i barely ever use hardeners. :}