Friday, September 9, 2011

Spam!!!! (pic heavy!)

hey everyone. so i know i've been very MIA lately. sorry. unfortunately, i think i will have to put the 31 day challenge on hold. maybe i'll just restart it another time? i won't have any time to do some of the days and i don't want to keep this blog on hiatus just because of that. anyway, to thank you for your patience with me, i give you some nail porn! these are a few manies i've been rocking recently. enjoy!!!

 this was 2 coats of OPI- got a date to-knight and one coat of Wet n Wild- sparked. the pinkie has an extra coat of OPI on.

this was my hunnies birthday mani, can you tell what his favorite colors are? lol!
please excuse the wear and tear. this was taken a few days afterwards.
left hand

right hand :}

this was an ELF skittle! these are from a set i got at Ross. hopefully i'll be doing full manis with a few of these colors soon!

last, but definitely not least one of my all time favorites (if not favorite!) polishes Zoya- Ivanka
i think this has to be the prettiest color i've worn all year! it made my nails look so slim and long! lol.

is there a color you would like to see more of? what do you think of posts with lots of pictures?

thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. love the Zoya! I need to try that one!

  2. All great manis! I think I got the same ELF set because those colors look really familiar!

  3. Love that green ivanka! So pretty

  4. I love the "OPI- got a date to-knight and one coat of Wet n Wild- sparked" manicure!!!!! =)

  5. Love the nail art =] But more specifically I love the red and black mani =]

  6. Ivanka is one of my favorite polishes ever! Love the black and red.

  7. I noticed I didn't say a thing about the green nail polish before.. it's beautiful!

    P.S. You were a follower on my old blog I unfortunately had to make a new blog because the dashboard wasn't updating my new posts =[ I would really appreciate if you follow me at my new url I am following you on my new blog =]

  8. LOVE the Ivanka mani. Also, have to say you have the most beautifully shaped fingernails! (hope that doesn't sound too weird....!) They're exactly the shape I'm trying to get on mine! :)

  9. thank you guys for commenting!
    and thank you Alic for your nice words!!! :D

  10. nice! I love seeing lots of different manicures.