Monday, September 19, 2011

i need your help! ( CONTEST!!)-closed-

Over the past few days i have been busy creating some frankens! and i want to know what you think of them, not just picture wise! i want to give some luck winner(s) a chance to try out these puppies and let me know what they think! just fill out the questions below!


                                                           a better picture of the thumb color :}


  1. These colors (except the pinky finger) remind me of nice cool drinks, as you could probably tell by the names I gave them in my entry. I have a name for the blue one too that goes with the theme. It looks like a "Blue-Raspberry Slushie" to me. So pretty!

  2. I LOVE the yellow! Awesome frankens!

  3. thank you guys!! i'm so happy so many of you really liked these colors!

    *leeann, ALL the names you gave me were so delicious sounding lol!

    good luck to everyone!!