Thursday, September 15, 2011

my little nails!

hey everyone! i recently cut down my nails because they were getting to that point that everything seemed to hit/pull them. anywhooooo, i love having shorter nails much more than longer ones, but sometimes colors look better with a certain length. (in my opinion) Today i have a color that looks absolutely gorgeous with small nails (and longer nails too!) its China Glaze- Secret Peri-wink-le. it's sooo pretty!
  these pictures are a bit horrendous as it would always show up very blue!
it has a drop more of purple in real life!

this was 3 very thin i see it could've used one more coat.
what a streakfest! lol

annnnnd then i tried some half moons.
please don't laugh at my attempt, i swear it looked good in person! lolol!
this is China Glaze- Electra Magenta, pretty holo!

do you guys ever get tired of your current length? have you tried doing a half moon mani? what's a color that you only wear with short/long nails?

thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I'm totally loving the colors you chose.

  2. Love that periwinkle! And the half moons you did look really good!
    My nails were getting really long, and I loved them! I loved the square shape I was able to pull off, and they just looked good. But, mine got to that point where they would snag on everything! So some were at different lengths because I'd have to file some down. Ugh. So I cut them all down just today. Shorter nails look good with dark colors, I think. :)

  3. thank you sandra!

    and OMG olivia that's exactly why i finally cut them down,lol. i can't wait to see your shorter nails! :}

  4. I like my nails just a tad longer than "short nails" lol. Your nails are pretty and so perfectly square!

  5. Great color combo. FOr the half moon manicure, I haven't done that yet. I always tend to forget about it and go for the regular french manicure lol

  6. love this color. looks lovely on you.

  7. I agree with Olivia dark colors look good on short nails =] You did a good job on the half moons =]

  8. I just had to file mine down-they were getting crazy long! But I think I went a little TOO crazy! Oh well, they will grow back!