Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 3- Yellow!

hey everyone, just a quick reminder that my giveaway ends this friday. eeeeeeee! i'm so excited, are you? i hope so! good luck to everyone, and to those who don't win this time, fear not! i see many more planned in the (near) future :} i just love sharing my love of polish (along with some polish) to those who are sweet enough to read this blog! so today i have China Glaze- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This is a super bright yellow neon.
i think it just might be my favorite neon. my mom says it looked like those neon reflector vests. i'm pretty sure that's not what they're called. lol
neons are pretty hard to capture so imagine this 100x brighter!this was 2 coats over white.
it dried to a satiny/matte finish. yet it was still so shiny!

anyways, i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to NAIL DESIGNS!
i won her awesome giveaway and this baby was one of the prizes! i have so many more China Glaze polishes that i won ready to be swatched. 
CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME! & check out her perfect nails, so jealous!
p.s. could i have said neon anymore in this post? jeez
what's one of your favorite neons? have you won any giveaways?

thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. That looks so awesome! Like a bright yellow hi-lighter!

  2. Whoah - it looks like you are wearing the contents of a glowstick on your fingers - I wonder how close it is to CG Electric this!

  3. @serendipitously.create
    they're alike just because they're both yellow, so they're bright. but this color is like "i'm going to blind you if you like directly at me" kinda bright. lol

  4. wow! I don't think I have any neons

  5. I love this neon yellow! I need it!

  6. so bright and so much fun!

  7. They look bright in the pictures! I can't imagine how bright it looks in the pictures! lol. Very cool!

  8. I meant to say: It looks bright in the pictures.. and can't imagine how bright it is in person lol

    P.S. Thanks for following me =] I thought I followed you earlier, but I guess I forgot to click it. I'm following you now! =]

  9. It's so bright! I usually don't like neons, but this actually looks pretty nice. :)

  10. Just found your blog! Am a new follower!