Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mini Haul

Hey everyone! today i have a small,small haul from Ulta. since i moved a couple of months ago Ulta is now just 15 minutes away! yay!!! it wasn't far before, but with traffic it took about 30-40 minutes to get there. :{ anywhoooo, here is Essence-Choose me, OPI- fiercely fiona, and Essence- you belong to me.
i have yet to try choose me, but in the bottle it looks like a close dupe for a couple of colors, nonetheless it's still pretty. You belong to me is such a nice color. it's another one of those sort of bright pastels. lastly, fiercely fiona. i just can't say enough good things about this color. i will be including some picture of it at the end of the post.

here you can see the gold micro glitters in Choose me
when i first saw the OPI shrek collection, i thought i really only wanted to get who the shrek are you? and ogre the top blue, and i did get them. i loove those colors. lately i've been feeling like i want the whole collection, especially what's with the cattitude. so i saw fiercely fiona on sale and i snatched it up. 
i am so glad i did! i usually don't like to many yellows because they tend to make my hands look weird. since this has a bit of green to it, just a smidge, it't perfect for me! i wore this for 3 days! that is a looong time for me. everytime i looked at my nails i couldn't help but feel giddy inside :}
this was 3 coats, but i kinda liked how it looked with 2. a bit uneven at first, but everything evened out by the last coat.
this is a bit more color accurate, you can see the small amount of green pop.

overall i am ecstatic about my small haul. do you have any color from the shrek collection? what's your favorite yellow?

thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. I have a small 99 cent essence pale yellow, i love it!

  2. I only have Who The Shrek Are You, another clearance item, but I don't wear it much. At least it's not a dupe for anything I have already so it's good to have lol

  3. I have two yellows from OPI, but I really like this one, too. I might have to snag it up :)

  4. joy- i will be on the search for that next,lol.

    jacki-i don't wear that one too much either, but when i do i love it.

    sarah- i hope you do! let me know what you think of it :}

  5. I love the yellow, it's so pretty! :)

  6. Nice haul! Your nails look amazing.