Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Nails!

Hey everyone! i hope you're all doing great, and having a great weekend so far. Today i will be posting what i like to call "party nails". why do i think they're party nails? well because they are sparkly, glittery, and multicolored! let's see some pictures!

this is 2 coats of Love & Beauty- red/black/silver (glitter) on my middle finger (no joke, that's the actual name!) and 2 coats of Love & Beauty- multi (glitter) on the rest.i could've done another coat of each but i liked the sparse look with the white underneath.

i have come to really love this brand. the colors are always so pretty and they try to keep up with nail polish trends, so it's nice to see a current color with a price tag of $2.80. :}

 as per usual i was bored of this look within like 4 hours of having finished, so i added a little sum' sum'.
good ol' shatter, i can always count on him to change my mani up.

i guess that's all for now! what do you consider party nails?

thanks for stopping by!!!!!


  1. love it! i need to try my black shatter over this!

  2. Those are awesome!! Thank you for being my new follower on my blog. Welcome and happy nails to you!

    Come back and see my post today for my celebration nails for my special dinner tonight!

  3. Your black shatter look awesome. I really wanna make on my nails.
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