Tuesday, August 9, 2011

mixing, not matching

Hey everyone! how are you all today? good i hope. 
as a continued theme from my last post i have some more mix and matching, more mixing,less matching.
            Here we have Essie-Sugar daddy on my thumb, pinky and index. this was 3 coats. on my middle finger i have Orly-it's not rocket science. this was 3 coats as well, but you can save yourself a coat if you layer it over a black or green polish. and on my ring finger is Hard Candy-beetle. this was 2 coats layered over a purple. Beetle is also a pretty good dupe for Orly's space cadet. this was so fun to look at in real life!

look at Orly-INRS, all that pretty green and gold tones.you can also see the dominant purple in Beetle.

look at the copper/green duo chrome! gooorgeous!

what do you think about using completely different colors on your nails? good or bad?
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thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. oh i love the hard candy-beetle :0

    new follower. got here via the blog list at fb paa.

    hope you visit me too :)

  2. i know, it's awesome! and i'm so happy you found me, i will def. be visiting you!