Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 4- Green! & some thank yous!

hey everyone! how's your week going so far? i want to address something really quick. this is a personal blog where i share pictures and opinions on nail polish. i know that so many bloggers post almost every single day, but that is something i can't do. i know it's possible for some by making scheduled posts, but when i have the time to write it's just enough to write once. i try to post regularly but i just can't do it everyday. i am online everyday and i always TRY to comment on other blogs and respond to comments or questions i get. so please don't think i will never blog again if i skip a few days. :D
anyways, my giveaway ends this friday, so there is still time to enter! oh and i have 50 followers! whooo hoooo!!! thanks to everyone who follows my blog, and a big thanks to those of you who take the time to read all i have to say! Also i want to give shout outs to a few sweethearts who always have something nice to say on here. Please check out their blogs! (in no particular order)Sandra from MY WORLD, the awesomely talented NAIL NERD, the sweetest girl from I'M FEELING NAIL-VENTUROUS, Jacki from ADVENTURES IN ACETONE, Sarah from POLISH AND GLOSS, and  Olivia C. from LIVY LU LU. i think sometimes people forget how easy it is to say thank you, but i won't! thanks to everyone!

So, let's see some mean, green nails!
the bright green is a franken i made, one coat! and the other green is Orly- It's not rocket science. 3 thin coats.
look at my pillow case! it's from the movie How to train your dragon. it totally matches my nails,lol. i love it!

my camera has been adding a weird shadow to some of my pictures, but here you can see the color of INRS better. I also posted about this color here, you can see the color better. :}

lastly, here is a picture of my hunnies finger! he was trying to mess with my photo taking. 

i just want to publicly say something to my hunnie, after all this is My blog ;}
i love you, and no matter what obstacles come our way i know we will make it through. you can always count on me for support, understanding,love, and most importantly friendship. you are my best friend and always will be! Muah muah muah! <33

do you ever have a "thank you" moment? what's one of your favorite green polishes?

thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I love both the franken and the Orly! Very pretty! And thanks for the shoutout-you're so sweet & I love your blog!
    I think my favorite green is OPI's Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow. It's very dark, but I just love it!

  2. That franken is beautiful! And thank YOU for your blog! :D Too many greens to love out there to just pick one, but Peridot is of course a grand slam in the greeny department...

  3. Right now I am loving China Glaze Westside Warrior from their fall collection-am wearing it now! Man is that the name of it? Am having doubts-but you know what I mean!!

  4. I'm loving this challenge! INRS looks so much better on you then it does on me. I don't think I could pick just one favorite green. I just took off CG Paper Chasing. Love that bright green.

  5. Awww, you are TOO sweet! WOW! Your franken is amazing! Love that Orly Polish. I got it in the mail today and I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT! I don't have a favorite green polish hhaha! Not my go to color!