Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 2- Orange. then bad news, then good news.

Hey everyone, today i have for you Wet n Wild- Sunny Side Up, it's an orange creme. it reminds me of an orange and cream soda my hunnie likes to drink. Although i never wear orange, this one was actually really nice. it's not a neon but it's bright in its own way, yet still very subtle. 
this was a pain in the butt to apply, i think it might be just this color or maybe i got a bad one because wet n wild is almost always a pleasure to apply.
so pretty!

anyyywho, i have been really wanting China Glaze- Ick-a-bod-y. i had no desire for it when it first came out, but for the past maybe 2 months i have been trying to find it. i know, i know, i can order it online or buy it from someones blog sale but i am unable to do that because i don't have any kind of card right now. if i really NEED something than my hunnie gets it for me and pretends to let me pay him for it. i'm not talking about polish tho, i haven't ordered any online in a while.
Soooo, i've been trying to hunt it down in any sally's/ulta/salon to no avail.
it's a sad, sad time for me :{ those are the bad news. i have yet to find it.

the good news is that i decided to try and franken it. fail. i don't have any of the big bronzey orange glitter that Ick has. i came pretty close to it, and i can say that i'm happy with this new color. i still really want Ick but until it magically appears in a store, i will not own it. 
it still has a murky green base with glitter, so i'm happy.

do you have a not very hard to find that you just can't seem to find?

thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Good try frankening it! Even if it didn't turn out how you wanted it to. I don't have any HTF yet that I've tried to redo, but i'm sure I may in the future

  2. I think your franken looks awesome! The orange glitter reminds me of Halloween!

  3. I really want Sunny Side Up, it's so pretty!
    And your franken looks great!