Sunday, August 14, 2011

My nails are on fiiiire!

hey everyone. how was your weekend? i'm hoping it was great :}
today i have for you Color Club- Koo-koo-cachoo (which is one of the polishes i will be giving away, new tho.)
buuuut, before i get to those pictures, i want to post this picture of my sisters nails. 
she had on a weird dead skin tone type color. i think it made her have skeleton hands. i suggested she put some sort of crackle/shatter/anything on it. she agreed and so i decided to add China Glaze Crackle in Concrete. 
i liked it a lot more in real life than how it comes out in the picture.

sooo, i am WARNING you that the next few pictures are blurry. since KKC is a neon, it's extremely hard to accurately capture in pictures. 
this is as close to the true color as i could get it.
this was 3 thin coats over white. easy neon to apply :}
it's more orange than in the pictures. i feel like it shows up a little bit coral in pictures.
OMGG, my nails are on fire!
ok, not really, but doesn't this look awesome?

have you guys ever had a polish that gave you strange looking hands? what do you think of neons?

thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. I hate polish that is the same color as my skin tone and gives me mannequin hands! And I love neons on my toes, but not on my hands as I feel my skin tone is too light to pull it off.