Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pink and pretty!

hey everyone. i know so many bloggers join in on the pink wednesday post, but i don't own to many pinks. it's just not a great color on me :{ ok lie, i own a FEW, most are "french" pinks though. very sheer and light. today i have for you a pink that is an ABSOLUTE must own. it's so dainty, and best of all, HOLOGRAPHIC.
let's see some pics!

this was outside on a somewhat cloudy day.

 look at that bottle. i just want to bathe in it.

can you say yummy?

this was 3 thin coats of OPI-DS Signature. NO TOPCOAT!! i'm sure most(if not all) of you know by now but most of the times topcoats dilute the prismatic effect :{ this was so creamy to apply.

Do you own any holographic polishes, which one is your favorite?

thanks for stopping by!!!!!!