Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holo marble mermaid...um what?

hey everyone! today i have for you one of my at the moment favorite(s).OPI- Mermaid's tears from the Pirates collection. when the collection first came out, i thought i would only really want M'sT, but after seeing so many swatches of the whole collection, it's only a matter of time before i have them all. yay! M'sT is a dusty sea foam green (in my opinion). i love wearing it! it's a joy to wear a green color without giving me to much of the ever so lovely lobster hands.
this was 3 coats, but i think i could've done with just 2. the only complaint i have is that no matter what i did i would end up dragging a bit of the polish after applying a coat :{. not much trouble, but very much worth it.
no topcoat. indoors, no flash.

indoors, with flash.still no topcoat.

and because i was in the mood, some marbling fun.
for this i used Color Club- Revvolution, Color Club- Fashion Addict and Color Club- Chelsea Girl.
i used the newer version of Fashion Addict. the holo is not as linear as the old one, but still very pretty.
left hand. click on it so you can see the pretty holo in my ring finger!
right hand. a bit blurry to show the effect

have you tried marbling with holos? what's your favorite color from the Pirates collection?

thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Love it! So pretty. I don't own any of the PoTC polishes even though I love them all.

  2. I am sooo jealous of your manicure!

  3. Whoa that's a pretty effect! I tried a marble w/ a sparkly polish once and totally failed.