Monday, August 1, 2011

Sparkling Chelly

so in this post i'm going to talk a little bit about a kind of local brand. It's Chelly nail polish. they are manufactured here in Fl. i found this brand in a local beauty supply and they had sooo many interesting colors, and best of all was the price! they were about $2. In these pictures i'm wearing shade #21. its a nice shimmery/foil color. it has a hint of pink gold/champagne.
this was 3 coats and although in the first picture there is a bit of VNL i can assure you in real life it looked more like the second picture which just seems like a 
 metallic silver.

Here you can see it looks more on the white/silver side.

after a day or two i decided to sponge on some glitter to the tips to add a little sparkle. the glitter i used was a franken one i made a couple days before. it reminds me a little bit of OPI show it and glow


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