Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 1- Red (Pic. Heavy)

hey everyone. I'm sorry i wasn't around for a few days. it was my hunnies birthday on the 18th and i had no time to blog before or after. my giveaway ends in just 6 days! holy cow! i can't wait to do another one!!! so today i have for you Day # 1 of the nail challenge, and i choose to wear one of my ALL TIME favorite red. i'm not really a red/pink girl, although i'm told they compliment my skin tone nicely, but this red is stunning! it's *Color Club- Ruby Slippers. in the picture is the mini bottle. at first i thought it was a regular red glitter, with a pink toned jelly. so i only got the mini size, no big deal, i have lots of red glitters. when i wore this, i wished i would've gotten at least 2 full size bottles!!! It's amazing! let's see some pictures!

here it is in all its red glory.this was 2 coats. had i done a thicker coat it would've just been 1!
this was in the sunlight.
you really have to click on it to see the small red glitter/shimmer. i think there might be a little bit of silver shimmer in as well, at least it seemed like it in certain angles.
this was indoors, with flash.
the only down part is that since it's such a rich glitter, it was a major top coat eater!
you need either a really thick topcoat (maybe 2 coats) or do what i did. apply a matte top coat and than a coat of your regular. always takes out the grittiness.

here it is matte, still gorgeous!

 i think this was a bit true to color in real life.
dark and seductive, but with enough shimmer/glitter that makes it playful and young.
you can also see small amounts of orange peeking through!

anywaysss, i just adore this color. what's one of your favorite reds?

thanks for stopping by!!!